Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tough Market Needs Tougher Marketers

It is a comforting thought that if you do your best, work hard, and can attribute results to your efforts, that you will be rewarded and have a good level of security in today's tumultuous economy. However, that comforting thought may not be reality.

Last week I joined the ranks of many qualified marketers who have recently found themselves laid off. After four years with my last employer (almost to the day) I was told my position was being cut. Though I was disappointed and surprised, I wasn't dismayed. I knew that I've spent my time developing a solid resume and network that will -- hopefully -- see me through this employment gap and on to my next role with another company.

What this situation reminds me of, however, is the need for marketers to be tougher than the times they face. It is very easy for marketing professionals to rest on past accomplishments, go at the pace of their competition, or even lag behind in their own learning and education. Rather, marketers need to lock down those new skills on a regular basis, constantly review their work for better ROI opportunities, and innovate their strategies and tactics so that they lead the competition rather than walk alongside or fall behind.

Tough economic times call for tougher marketers -- professionals who have resumes packed full of quantifiable results. Even in the toughest of times, businesses still need good marketing people. In fact, in those tough times they need marketing professionals who have delivered solid results in the past with a brand promise of repeating those results in the future.

If you've found yourself out of a job in these tough times, what are you doing to ensure your marketability is high, and that you're a preferred candidate for the jobs you're applying for?

-- David Kinard, PCM

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