Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Study Shows Effective and Efficient Outgrows Competition

Since 2005 the Lenskold Group has run an annual research study to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing and marketers. The most recent study has just been completed – it’s officially called the 2008 Lenskold Group / Kneebone Marketing ROI and Measurements Study – and I had a chance to talk with Jim Lenskold about the study on my radio show today.

Aside from the startling finding that nearly 91% of marketers do not think they’re really doing an effective and efficient job at measuring marketing ROI, what struck me the most is that 45% of those who said they were highly effective and efficient also noted they were GREATLY OUTGROWING their competitors. This should be a wake up call to any lazy marketers and their lazy companies to get with the program!

The show dives into the success factors of those who are leading the way, but there are plenty of obvious ones that won't surprise you including better access to marketing data and systems that support real-time marketing analysis. Clearly, after listening to this show, any marketer that doesn't realize the benefits of what it means to be a highly effective and highly efficient marketer deserves to get left behind by the competition. Every other major business function has already paved the way and done their work to become lean and data-driven; it's about time marketing did the same.

-- David Kinard, PCM

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